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   Mary and Steve Werning live in Camden, South Carolina. Mary teaches a variety of students and is excited about the time that she spends with the FEI Young Rider Program because she sees the enthusiastic young riders as a possible way to keep Karl Mikolka’s classical training system going long into the future. Steve works with clients throughout South Carolina and spends much of his free time riding and roping.

   From her childhood beginnings with hunters, jumpers, stock seat and cutting horses, Mary admits that she has always been in love with horses, riding and training. When Mary was a child, she poured over Podhajsky’s training books even though dressage was a fairly unknown discipline in the US. When it began to gain popularity in the Mid-West, she was one of the first in line.

   “I thought I knew a little something by the time I connected with Karl,” Mary says, “but he really opened my eyes. Since our first serious work in 1988 I have been devoted to him. I still feel as if I know nothing when I see the depth of his knowledge.”

   Werning’s stallion, Grand As, is retired and doing limited breeding. At present, Mary is starting a four-year-old daughter for herself. She hopes that the filly, a tremendous athlete, turns our to be a fraction of what her “dad” is.

   “My best moments are on the back of a horse,” says Mary, “and my greatest wish is to train the filly with Karl someday.”




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