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I am an adult amateur rider and I have been a student of Mary Werning for a number of years. Mary’s techniques are different from other instructors; she not only knows how to teach but is also an inspiring rider. I hope to be able to continue my training with Mary for many years to come.

Windy Satterwhite

Mary’s immeasurable knowledge of dressage training is not only what makes her so wonderful to learn from. It is also her personal perceptive and awareness of her student's rides. While riding under her instruction it is as if she has a magical ability to ride my horse with me. She can see precisely what I am feeling. All this, with her supportive attitude gives me the determination to push for higher goals.

Margie Boyd, FEI Young Rider

The greatest compliment that I can give is that Mary gives me the tools that I need to be able to work by myself when I take my horse home. So many trainers only have the capability of giving you feedback to be used during the lesson while they are there. Mary gives you independence. After working with her, I would never consider going to anyone else.

Julianne Neal

I am a 17 year old dressage rider from South Carolina. With Mary's guidance I improved my riding steadily and currently I am riding Intermediate I, receiving scores in the mid-60's. Thank you Mary for all the wonderful help you gave me.

Emily Shultz, FEI Young Rider

I have been a student of Mary Werning for approximately 5-1/2 years and have been exceptionally pleased with how her training methods have enhanced my development as a rider and amateur trainer. Mary's training methodology is the most effective I have seen. Training regimens and exercises are most appropriate for the horse and rider producing quality results. Mary is a willing teacher and mentor to her students. Her knowledge of the classical way to train horses is an invaluable asset.

Shay Barnett




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