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Grand As

Rhineland Phalz-Saar Approved Stallion

“Grand As was a very interesting horse but I knew I needed help with him. Enter Karl Mikolka. It is my impression that Karl liked him from the beginning. Oh sure, there were a few select European training terms that Karl would murmur every now and then, but in the big picture, the three of us were quite a team.

Grand As progressed into a lovely second and third level horse. Karl’s instruction had helped me produce a light, responsive and dependable ladies’ mount. Showing him was a pleasure… We progressed into the upper levels of fourth level and PSG. We were working very hard and having the best time of our lives… As we worked toward Intermediare I and II, more time was spent on the piaffe and the passage. Interestingly enough, those two movements have never been hard for him. I think it’s all because of Karl’s training ideas… Understanding what was being asked of him, he was never difficult to ride. When riding in company he was always a gentleman.”

Excerpt from “A Journey Begins with an Invitation”

Inspiration, newsletter from Karl Mikolka,

Volume I, Issue 3

“Zweibrücken horses are bred for quality of movement, correctness of conformation and clear character for competition and reproduction. We believe that this foundation produces a superior athlete with high trainability and competitiveness.”

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Rhineland Phalz-Saar

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